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Breast Augmentation

Procedures: Breast Augmentation



Implant – Silicone, Smooth Round Midrange Profile
Volume – 304 cc
Implant Placement – Dual Plane (Sub-Muscular)
Cup size change – Small B to C

Patient Story

This patient is young thirties, very-active (long distance runner and skilled tennis player) mother of two. She is a medical professional and knew Dr. Weinfeld from his work in a hospital in Austin, Texas. She desired a breast augmentation that would make a significant impact on her appearance yet not be so large that it would limit her physical activity. She was informed of her pre-existing chest wall and breast asymmetry, likely due to very mild scoliosis, and thus accepted that there would be some residual post augmentation asymmetry of shape, size, and location. She has been a very satisfied patient and valued source of continued referrals to Dr. Weinfeld’s Cosmetic Surgery Practice.

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