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Breast Augmentation

Procedures: Breast Augmentation



Implant – Silicone, Smooth Round High Profile
Volume – 325 cc
Implant Placement – Sub glandular
Cup size change – C to full D

Patient Story

This patient is a young woman who has not yet had children. She proud of her full figure and was very “easy in her skin” but desired breast augmentation to create more balance in her figure. She felt “bottom heavy” due to her fuller hips and buttocks. Dr. Weinfeld discussed the breast augmentation conceptually as a way to enhance Vertical Aesthetic Volume Equality (VAVE) in her body. VAVE is concept championed by Dr. Weinfeld that expresses balanced proportions between the breast/shoulders and the hips/buttocks. She underwent breast augmentation and was extremely pleased with the power it had in reversing the slight “pair shaped” appearance her body projected prior to her surgery. Of special note is the fact that this patient had substantial breast tissue prior to her augmentation and thus was able to undergo a sub glandular rather than and sub muscular augmentation. Due to this placement she realizes the benefits of improved projection and the absence of breast animation with arm movement. While this technique is not indicated for all patients she was an excellent candidate.

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