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Combination Wrinkle Therapy in Austin, TX

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Combination Wrinkle Therapy

Some wrinkles and lines are the result of muscle contraction. These are dynamic wrinkles, also known as dynamic rhytids. The term dynamic refers to the fact that they are the result of bunching of the skin as a result of the contraction of the underlying facial muscles. As explained above, BOTOX® Cosmetic is an effective treatment for dynamic wrinkles and lines due to its ability to relax and temporarily weaken the muscle contraction.

The other category of wrinkles and lines are static rhytids. Static wrinkles and lines are present in the skin regardless of muscle contraction. They are static, meaning they do no change appreciably with muscle movements, for the most part, they stay the same. Static wrinkles and lines are present due to changes in the architecture of the skin, chiefly in the dermis.

JUVADÉRM® and other fillers are used to soften the appearance of these lines and wrinkles by filling the depression seen in the dermis and surrounding skin tissues. JUVADÉRM® and other fillers also have significant utility in areas of the face where there is a defect of soft tissue that results in a less than ideal contour. In this setting, the filler is being used for subtle soft tissue augmentation.

Combination Wrinkle Therapy refers to the synergistic use of BOTOX® Cosmetic and JUVADÉRM®. BOTOX® Cosmetic addresses the dynamic wrinkles and JUVADÉRM® targets the static wrinkles and areas of soft tissue paucity. This combined approach is both integrated and balanced and helps achieve natural results.

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