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Male to Female (MTF) Top Surgery in Austin, TX

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What Is Gender-Affirming Top Surgery?

Top Surgery is a form of gender-affirming surgery that occurs on the chest. For trans men and some non-binary people, it is masculinizing chest surgery. For trans women, it is feminizing chest surgery. Dr. Weinfeld proudly offers both types of surgery to members of the trans community.

Male to Female (MTF) Top Surgery

Male to female (MTF) gender-affirming Top Surgery brings about a feminine breast shape to the chest of trans women. Many trans women taking hormones have developed breasts but choose to have Top Surgery to further enlarge their breasts. This is accomplished with breast augmentation using breast implants. The most commonly used breast implants for this purpose are smooth, round, and cohesive (gummy bear implants). Implants can be placed behind the pectoralis major muscle or directly behind the breast tissue.

The pre-operative position of the natural breast tissue, the location of the nipple, and the amount of and narrowness of the cleavage have important influences on post-operative appearance. These are important factors to consider when developing expectations for the surgical results.

With proper expectations, trans women are incredibly happy with this procedure. Because the chest of trans women is often broad and the breasts are more widely spaced, it is difficult to achieve narrow cleavage for some patients. However, a supportive and shaping bra or bathing suit top can go a long way in creating the desired look.

Other MTF Surgeries

Dr. Weinfeld also offers facial feminization surgeries (FFS) to transform masculine facial features into more feminine features for MTF patients.

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