Austin Texas Board Certified Plastic Surgeon



Facelift: Dr. Weinfeld discusses strategies to enhance recovery

Cosmetic Surgery for Men: Dr. Weinfeld discusses increases in male plastic surgery.

Male Plastic Surgery – Most Frequent Procedures: Dr. Weinfeld Discusses the difference in procedures sought by men and women

Rhinoplasty and Nasal Surgery: Dr. Weinfeld discusses indications for advanced surgery of the nose

Treatment of Migraine Headaches – Surgery: Dr. Weinfeld is featured for his experience in innovative surgical approaches to migraine headaches.

Treatment of Migraine Headaches – Botox: Dr. Weinfeld comments on the use of Botox for the diagnosis and treatment of many suffering from migraine headaches.

Breast Surgery and Reconstruction – Angelina Jolie: Dr. Weinfeld comments on BRCA testing.

Summertime Dog Bites: Dr. Weinfeld details increases in dog bites in the summer months

Dog bites on the rise: Dr. Weinfeld comments on statistics pointing to increases in dog bite injuries


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Allure Magazine

Living Young


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Austin doctor helping many women like Jolie

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UV damages rated extreme in Central Texas

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Famed Surgeon Using Ancient Technigue to Give Jacqui Saburido A New Nose

“It’s an older technique” said Dr. Adam Bryce Weinfeld, a plastic surgeon with Seton Medical Center’s advanced facial surgery center. “Sometimes the older methods are the only way to do this.
Describing the work of Dr. Pitanguy.

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What words can describe


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Dr. Weinfeld discusses the genioplasty (chin implant) procedure

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KLBJ - 2

Dr. Weinfeld offers innovative advice for how to reduce bruising and swelling associated with facial cosmetic surgery.

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