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Rhinoplasty – Brings Tears to the Eyes in Good Way

I have the good fortune to be able to be able to help patients with cosmetic rhinoplasty and functional airway surgery in Austin, Texas.   The spectrum of Rhinoplasty patients that I care for is broad.  At one end of spectrum or the patients who require relatively straight forward rhinoplasties.  These are the patients who desire a minor change to one or two portions of their nose.  I should mention that using the “straight forward” when describing any rhinoplasty is a bit of a fallacy.  All rhinoplasties need to be approached with respect as they require precision and patience to achieve a natural result.  Nonetheless, at one end of the spectrum the surgery is straight forward and designed to address a dorsal hump or a bulbous tip.  At the other end of the spectrum are the complex rhinoplasties.  These are the rhinoplasties that address nasal deformities that are congenital in nature, such as a in association with a cleft lip, or due to significant injury like a care accident.  These are not straight forward at all.  They often can take 50% or more longer than a typical rhinoplasty and often require rib and/or cartilage grafts.  These grafts are used during the rhinoplasty to create onlay grafts, alar rim grafts, lower lateral strut grafts, and tip grafts.  Rhinoplasty for the severely deformed or damaged nose is often a procedure of reconstruction and addition of foundation and support structure.  Again, I prefer to do this with natural tissues instead of foreign material such as Goretex or irradiated cadaveric cartilage.  Both ends of the spectrum are very rewarding as it is very gratifying to make someone’s nose function better and look better.

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